We understand the current market is quite challenging for many landlords. From the ever increasing costs like Section 24, changing EPC requirements, selective licensing, astronomically high voids due to stiff competition from other accommodation providers,  operating a profitable property business has become almost insurmountable for most landlords. 

At MNH property we understand all these challenges facing landlords in the current difficult environment. 

Many landlords are considering selling their properties due to these challenges. If you are considering selling, at MNH property we can help simplify the sales process on a multi-unit sale, maximising your tax efficiency and avoiding Estate Agent fees. 


At MNH we take a personal approach when buying properties or portfolios from landlords. Every sale of property or portfolio is discussed with the landlord to understand the reason for sale and the required timescales and any of the landlord's expectations. 

After discussing the reasons for sale and landlord's expectations we then work to structure a sale to suit the landlord's requirements.



What if I don't want to sell?

We understand some landlords might not want to sell yet. At MNH we also offer property management service where we rent the properties from the Landlords for GUARANTEED RENT. We then rent out the properties to high end working professional tenants. 

We become the Landlord's tenants guaranteeing rent every month. This way the landlords  completely get rid of the hassle of dealing with tenants, voids and property maintenance issues and we take responsibility of paying rent whether there is a tenant in the property or not. We will also keep the property well maintained to meet the requirements of our high end professional working tenants. 



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