We provide solutions for landlords renting or selling multiple properties.

What we do?

At MNH Property Ltd we understand the needs of our Landlords and the difficult and challenging business climate they are currently operating in. Many Landlords (over 50% of landlords UK wide) are considering getting rid of their properties due to ever increasing costs, changing EPC Certification requirements and questions around Section 21. 

However most find themselves in a dilemma when considering selling multiple properties as estate agent fees and taxes can easily erode large chunks of the sales profits. 

At MNH Property we specialise in helping landlords who want to offload multiple properties from their portfolios. We can help landlords retain most of their profits by completely avoiding estate agent fees altogether and staggering the sale of properties to avoiding the shock of a huge tax bill. 

If selling is not a plausible option for our landlords, we take the burden of managing the property. Unlike High Street estate agents, when we manage properties, we take the burden of voids giving the landlord GUARANTEED RENT by taking full responsibility of the tenant. We still pay our landlords GUARANTEED RENT even if there are no tenants occupying the properties. We also maintain the properties to a high standard which meets the requirements of our high end tenants who are mostly working professionals.

How Guaranteed Rent works...

It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, being a landlord, when all things are what they should be, having great tenants that are paying rent on time. However, there can also be some insurmountable challenges in being a landlord like; bad tenants, lack of time to manage tenants or all the other hassle. Added to this there can also be the tedious task of finding the right tenants, securing deposits, the utility bills, local authority inspections and so on and so forth. 




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